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Our Process

Step 1
At EFFPA, your initial consultation is complimentary and casual, giving us a chance to learn about each other. We understand that trusting someone new with your personal financial details can be unsettling, so we encourage you to ask questions until you’re confident that our philosophies match yours.

Step 2
When all are comfortable with moving forward, we meet to complete a thorough, detailed fact finder. We gather a mix of information, from your assets and debts to your short- and long-term personal and financial goals, then work together to craft your personalized financial strategy.

Step 3
We present your financial plan using interactive software that lets us fine-tune the results based on your input. We then make suggestions about how to meet your objectives. As an independent firm, we’re able to offer a wide variety of financial solutions, but will only recommend those we feel are most appropriate for you based on your plan.

As you navigate life’s changes as our client, we recommend regular reviews to ensure that your financial strategy continues to meet your needs. With us, you have an advocate for life, not just for the moment. Whether you’re trying to decide how to finance a big-ticket purchase, have concerns about the market, or just want to talk, we’re here for you!