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Our Purpose

While we help all who come to us, we are the premier financial services firm for public school employees.

Educators First Financial of Pennsylvania (EFFPA) is a unique financial services firm that specializes in helping educational and state employees maximize their investment and retirement benefits as part of their overall financial objectives. For more than 25 years, EFFPA has been assisting clients with making informed decisions for their financial future - identifying and attaining their goals, protecting their most valuable assets, and soundly preparing for unexpected circumstances.

Educators First Financial of Pennsylvania is committed to helping you chart an appropriate course for the journey towards achieving your financial, investment and retirement goals. Our many years of expertise and professionalism will assist you in weathering economic fluctuations and market swings through sensible, long-term investing. We will work with you to create a solid financial plan through suggestions you are confident in and comfortable with. We want to help you maintain and improve your standard of living, maximize wealth, prepare for monetary independence in retirement, and ensure that your loved ones are always provided for.

The long-term relationships we develop with our clients, based on a mutual understanding and trust, has shown time and again that they have a committed partner and advocate for their financial goals and retirement planning, not just a momentary resource. We are client-focused, not product-driven, and strive to provide the highest level of services for educational employees, state employees and all of our clients, with the utmost integrity. Whether it’s a financial issue or a personal matter, our care and concern are genuine, and we will do everything we can to be of service to you and those you love.

We put educators first, and we ARE educators, first and foremost. It is important to understand the financial decisions that can shape your future, so our team takes great care to explain everything as clearly and concisely as possible. When you know better, you do better!

Work with a dedicated financial services firm that helps clients and thoroughly understands how to maximize your pension and retirement benefits. Begin the journey towards achieving your financial, investment and retirement goals and taking care of your loved ones.