Making The Right Choice

It Starts with a Solid Foundation

Educators First Financial understands that making important investment choices for your family’s financial future can be unsettling. We know that educational employees, as well as all of the clients we serve, have individualized approaches to financial management and planning, and believe that ours should be a good fit in order to work together. A solid foundation based on mutual trust and understanding is the key to building the prosperous, long-lasting relationships we establish with our clients and continue to build upon throughout their lives.

Here are a few of the basic principles that guide how we help others develop their financial plans:

  • Emphasizing lifetime income planning, to stay ahead of the rising costs of living over time.
  • Investing for the long-term, using disciplined diversification; we don’t believe in chasing returns.
  • Creating a thorough, individualized, financial profile, to help us craft the best possible plan based on your objectives. With regular review of this strategy, we can help overcome the emotions of investing and prevent potentially harmful behavior.

Being client-centered, not product-driven, EFFPA separates the steps of helping you understand your individual financial needs from making recommendations, providing you with the necessary time to absorb everything before we offer suggestions based on our findings. More importantly, this process reduces pressure and helps you to make better short-term financial and investment decisions for positive, long-term results.

Our team does their homework when researching appropriate financial solutions for educational and public employees’ pension and retirement benefits, and has the luxury of referencing knowledge gained from over two decades of experience serving clients of all ages and incomes. EFFPA thoroughly investigates and compares a wide variety of options to serve our client’s individual financial goals and needs, rather than relying on a single proprietary product or company. We present what we feel are the best solutions for each personal set of goals, and work together to craft them into a strategy that is a comfortable fit for you. Over time, we continuously monitor their performance relative to your objectives, to ensure they continue to meet your needs, and ultimately, your goals.

Let’s work together to achieve your goals through solid principles and financial management philosophy, contact us.