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As a member of Public School Employees Retirement System (PSERS), you are presented with unique opportunities and challenges in planning for your retirement. Educators First Financial’s expertise has been developed over more than two decades of hands-on experience with helping public school employees plan for, and make the most of, their retirement.

If you are a teacher or district employee, we will work with you help you recognize and clarify your needs and goals. Together, we’ll craft a sound, long-term financial plan that takes all factors into account, including your pension, to help meet your objectives.

The PSERS pension can play a distinct and powerful role as part of a well-balanced financial strategy. If you are contemplating retirement, or are unsure of when you might be able to retire, there is much to take into account when it comes to your PSERS options. The following considerations can have a tremendous impact on your retirement income:

  • Should I select a survivor benefit?
  • When should I start collecting social security?
  • What supplemental plans are available to me as a member?
  • Should I withdraw a portion, all, or none of my contributions?
  • How can I fill the gap between my current earnings and what I will receive at retirement?

As you near retirement, EFFPA will help you select the options that are most appropriate for you. We will review your current strategy and help assess your financial readiness. Once YOU have determined that you’re ready, we will walk you through the entire retirement process, one step at a time, making sure that you’re comfortable with each and every decision. We will prepare you for and attend your exit meeting with you, to help answer any questions and assist with all paperwork and formalities. Our retired clients tell us that they greatly appreciated these services, and that our assistance with the transition into retirement gave them the confidence to do so enthusiastically. Their happiness is our reward!

After retirement, we will meet with you regularly (or as often as you’d like), to review your financial strategy and ensure that it continues to evolve with you as your needs change. It is then that our focus shifts to helping you to be able to enjoy your retirement to the fullest!

To learn more about how we can help you as you navigate towards retirement, we encourage you to contact us.